Dr. Karen Coe (she/her)

Ph.D., C. Psych., BCN


As a result of a significant life-changing accident she underwent multiple spine surgeries and rehabilitation over several years. She understands the feelings of vulnerability, anxiety, and depression with the loss of control over predictable outcomes. The ACT tools and framework were essential to her coping with prolonged disability particularly physical limitations and chronic pain. She benefited from the ACT tools and the skills of psychological flexibility for lifestyle adjustments. Dr. Coe’s personal values and professional training guide her passion for providing evidence-based effective mental health tools for the management of resilience, emotional self-regulation, anxiety, and depression for optimal wellness.

As a proud member of a military family with roots in Ottawa, she has focused her assessment and therapy skills working with MVA clients as well as individuals dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma. Dr. Coe’s passion for building client resilience and successful coping skills supports the successful attainment of healthy outcomes such as return to work or improved mental health for daily living. Dr. Coe is passionate about supporting clients to achieve optimal performance for their success at work and at home. Karen’s interest in cognitive strategies and stress management for optimal performance has been a foundation for her work in many areas.

Dr. Coe is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Ontario and Alberta and experienced BCIA board-certified in Neurofeedback. She graduated with her Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, and also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Coe is a member of the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback as well as Ontario and Alberta Provincial Psychological Associations. She is trained in assessment, diagnosis, and psychological treatment and workplace mental health training, as well as individual, cognitive-behavioural and mental health interventions (relaxation training, pain management, mood regulation/management techniques, and behaviour change counselling). Dr. Coe has completed Neurofeedback/EEG brainwave and biofeedback training with leading North American experts. Her training in biofeedback technologies, as well as QEEG, EEG Neurofeedback training, is based on evidenced-based research validated methods.

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