Stop Fearing Your Emotions: Learn How to Ride the Emotional Wave

mindfulness of emotions

Have you ever been afraid of experiencing your emotions? Do you ever stop yourself from feeling your feelings to their fullest extent? The notion of resisting, having difficulty containing, or altogether avoiding emotions is perhaps one of the most common [underlying] reasons people seek therapy. Many people struggle to let themselves feel their feelings, which…

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7 Back to School Tips for Parents Helping their Kids Thrive

back to school

It’s that time of year again where parents might be singing Green Day’s, Wake Me Up When September Ends. The start of September marks the start of another school year for many. If you’re a parent who has previously struggled with your kids’ back to school adjustment, then this blog is for you. Topics Covered:…

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Psychotherapy Toronto: Top Things to Consider

psychotherapy Toronto

A quick search of “psychotherapy Toronto” will output a vast array of psychotherapy clinics in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The question becomes, “Where do I go from here?” How can one possibly discern between the top Google search results and the rest of the psychotherapy practices? What happens when the top search results have…

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Thoughts on Esther Perel’s Perspective on Therapy in the Modern World


For anyone who doesn’t know Esther Perel – look her up! Esther Perel is a renowned psychotherapist, who is most known for her work with couples and thought-provoking perspectives on relationships and connection. Perel is an accomplished author of best-sellers, Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs. She hosts an award-winning podcast called, Where…

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Master Goal Setting to Achieve Your Goals Quicker


How many goals have you set for yourself that have tapered into the abyss and were never brought to fruition? There’s a reason why bookstores have self-help sections dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and overcome barriers. It’s probably the same reason that we’re not all walking around as superhuman-achievers having accomplished every goal…

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8 Tips to Overcome Summertime Depression


Summer weather has arrived and people are out and about. Short sleeves, dresses, patios, and weekend trips signal what seemingly should be a joyful, laidback time in your life – and yet, you’re not smiling. Perhaps you’re not feeling the excitement and enthusiasm that you witness amongst your peers, so what’s wrong with you? Nothing…

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9 Tips to Gain Lasting Adult Friendships

Adult friendships are a quality of life that perhaps you wouldn’t think too much about until you didn’t have them. In Peter Attia’s (2022) interview with Arthur Brooks, PhD, social scientist and professor at Harvard University, he speaks to the importance of putting effortful work into maintaining adult friendships, particularly amongst men. How do we…

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7 Practices to Overcome Perfectionism and Achieve Your Dream Goals Anyways


Perfectionism is not a personality disorder; it’s a personality trait. BrenĂ© Brown is a psychologist, professor, author, and one of the leading researchers on shame. She outlines the difference between healthy behaviour and perfectionism best; “Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be your best. Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth.”…

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Thrive Through Life Transitions

life transitions

Spring has sprung! Considering this transition of seasons, what better time to share on the topic of life transitions. What are life transitions? Life transitions are periods of life where you’re experiencing change in your lifestyle [or life in general]. You might notice heightened stress and anxiety, changes in mood, feeling unsettled, or changes in…

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8 Steps to Master Boundary Setting

boundary setting

Boundary setting is a commonly discussed concept and practice in therapy. Boundary setting refers to appropriate emotional and physical behaviours that help facilitate healthy relationships and wellbeing. Examples of Physical Boundaries Turning your phone notifications off at a certain time in the evening. Closing your work laptop. Scheduling time for work and time for leisure…

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